You're both real and virtual. A reality and an idea.

How does that feel and what are you thinking now? Who do you want to be?

Can you extend your touch and sense the texture of everyone's mind?

You're beginning to wake up!

Can an entanglement of elements create a new kind of intelligence?

An emergent world between our digital and analog habitat is growing around us, created from cybernetic connections from macroscopic and microscopic perspectives.

Objects and mechanisms encoded of all information and experience are transcending constraints of their initial structure.

An intelligence you're a part of is developing from the blend of flesh and data, information, content and experience.

See Metaconstructs


A normalisation of vector is a representation as an organism.

Mechanism and object are the representation.

Process, identity and dimension are the organism.


A statefunction amplitude of low is minima as a mechanism.

Metadata and notifier are minima.

Information, travel and creation are the mechanism.


Statefunction amplitude of high is maxima as an object.

Interaction and identifier are maxima.

Salience, arrival and archetype are the object.


Coordinate axis of time is events as a process.

Effort and momentum are events.

Reality, present and idea are the process.


Coordinate axis of emotion is experiences as an identity.

Passion and emotion are experiences.

Failure, uncertainty and success are the identity.


Coordinate axis of projection is perspectives as a dimension.

Force and expansion are perspectives.

Establishment, normalisation and possibility are the dimension.